Friday, October 23, 2009


Got the proofs of Ghosts of Breath. The best designed of all my books. Michael, the editor-publisher at Bedouin Books, is simply an artist. I haven't seen the cover yet, but I expect it'll look at least as terrific as the text, which has a kind of swirly, psychedelic, retro sixties style, which suits the surrealism of many of the poems.

Meanwhile, the great, wise and wonderful Dale at Right Hand Pointing wants to do my poems based on death-bed sayings as an e-book. Called Dying Words, it'll be released in summer 2010. He is going to do the accompanying digital art. His artwork for my Still Life With Firearms was eye-popping and extremely funny.

Leah at Propaganda Press gave me the go-ahead to send a chap manuscript to them in winter 2010. I'm thinking of calling it Short Ride in a Fast Machine, after one of the poems. If accepted, this would be a print chap.

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