Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Poetry Kit for Beginners

Although I've come down with some horrid bug, I managed to finish a poem today before being completely flattened. It and two others were quickly accepted by a good-looking new zine, "Blackbirds & Starlings," which was gratifying. But it's important to stay as even-keeled about acceptances as about rejections. You can't get too high in the one case or too low in the other. Otherwise it'll interfere with your ability to work. And the work is the thing.

One of the poems that was accepted was a little thing -- five lines -- called "A Poetry Kit for Beginners." Surprisingly, given its length, I didn't write it in one spontaneous burst, but in pieces over a couple of days. It isn't in my usual style. It isn't eerie or elegiac. It actually ends with a kind of punchline.

You can find it here: http://williamlennertz.com/blackbirdsandstarlings/?p=96

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