Friday, March 6, 2009

Prick of the Spindle, Dirty Napkin, Etc.

This week I was interviewed about my writing by Cynthia Reeser, editor-in-chief of Prick of the Spindle, for the March issue, recorded two poems over the phone for the March issue of Dirty Napkin, had three poems accepted in three different journals, and a couple others published elsewhere. . . and I still feel like a failure. My classes aren't going as well as I wish. Maybe it's just midterm blahs, but the students seem bored or distracted no matter which persona I use to try to engage them -- loud, intimidating, intellectual, humorous, insane. The quality of the writing I'm getting from some of them -- Journalism I is particularly depressing me, but Advanced Literature of Journalism isn't always bang up either -- suggests that I've been talking about writing while wearing a bucket over my head. The only thing they hear is a muffled rumble; the only thing I hear is the hollow echo of my own voice.

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