Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Two new reviews of Tomorrowland, one on NewPages.com and the other on One Night Stanzas, both extremely positive and, perhaps more important, both on target in their interpretations of the book. How rare that is, and how gratifying.


Lyssie said...

Congrats! It must be a little surreal to have your own work open to public interpretation, as that is what we do in class. Was the reviewer accurate in his/her's analysis?

Also, the end of the review states, "And this is probably the most disturbing element of Tomorrowland: how easily that which is pleasant and calm can suddenly transform into the vicious and cruel." I haven't read the book (although looking forward to your reading) but if that is an underlying theme of your stories it is abundantly true and something that most people fail to admit or face head-on.

John Purcell said...

It is nice when people interrupt what you wrote correctly and I would have to agree that is a rare thing.

When I went home last weekend I brought Tomorrowland back down here with me, so now I just need to give it the reading time it deserves. I enjoy what I have read so far.